Rebel Automated Shuttles

founded by Rebel

Your partner in developing, sourcing and operating autonomous last mile transit

Rebel Automated Shuttles helps its partners bridge gaps between (1) their last mile transit needs on the one hand, and (2) their planning and implementation capabilities on the other hand. We act as strategic knowledge and operations partners to public/regional transit authorities, operators of transit services as well as end-beneficiaries and users in the development of autonomous last mile transit.

Our broad knowledge and experience

Our partnerships for autonomous last mile transit entail carrying out a quick scan of potential last mile alternatives in existing transit networks, developing tailored use cases for specific areas and/or users, sourcing of the right technology and financial resources, and finally working alongside you as operating partners.

We have a deep understanding of the latest technology options and available suppliers, the most relevant market and regulatory trends and the best approaches for use case and customer service optimization.

How we support the development of autonomous last mile transit:

  • Transit network scan: what, and more importantly where is the potential value-addition of implementing last mile autonomous service in your transit network? We help to identify potential use cases across transit networks.
  • Use case(s) quick scan and feasibility study: what are technical, financial and transit-related implications of autonomous service implementations? We help you take stock of the complete picture of costs, benefits and risks.
  • Use case implementation: we have the unique and unrivaled experience of implementing various solutions, not as pilots but as regular service solutions. Using this experience, we can help you to drive the implementation processes for specific solutions forward.
  • Last mile transit service operation: if needed we partner with you as service operating partners in order to ensure day-to-day, unparalleled quality of service in autonomous last mile connectivity.
  • Sourcing of technology and finance: we can help ensure that the technology that is sourced and deployed is the right one for you, under the right terms and conditions. We also support funding and financing where needed. After all, as your partners, we are not averse to putting our own ‘skin in the game’!

Curious about our use cases?